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15th & 16th of May 2024 | Messe Frankfurt


CORE is one of our projects and we’re proud to reveal that we’ve partnered with Disasters Expo Europe taking place on the 15th & 16th of May at the Messe Frankfurt. This significant event promises to serve as a pivotal meeting point for professionals and stakeholders in the disaster industry, fostering collaboration, innovation, and the sector of building consistent community resilience.


More than 1,500 weather events - including droughts, floods, extreme temperature events and storms - have occurred in Europe over the past 100 years, with two-thirds of them having taken place since the turn of the century. Disasters Expo Europe serves as a crucial platform for industry professionals to converge and address the pressing issues arising from these environmental challenges, with the overarching goal of building tougher populations, capable of handling these situations more effectively. More than just an exhibition, this event is a nexus where minds dedicated to disaster response, recovery, and mitigation can exchange insights, strategies, and innovations to build a more resilient future.


Gathering experts and professionals from across the globe, this expo has become an indispensable forum for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. Attendees can expect over 50 hours of unparalleled content, featuring thought-provoking presentations, panel discussions, and workshops led by influential figures in the fields that surround resilience building in its many forms. Additionally, the expo will showcase handpicked exhibitors, offering cutting-edge solutions, technologies, and services, each of which will have some application in enhancing disaster preparedness and response capabilities.

Disasters Expo Europe is more than an event; it is an opportunity to be at the forefront of disaster management and innovation. Whether you’re looking to stay up to date on the latest trends, connect with industry leaders, or discover groundbreaking solutions, this expo is the place to be. By attending, you actively contribute to raising awareness of and building resilience within the European Union against the challenges faced by the disasters industry.

To secure your spot and gain access to complimentary tickets, register now and join us in shaping a more resilient and prepared future. - https://tinyurl.com/4u7t6xvb



February 2024

Delighted to announce that Patricia Joy QUINATADCAN has joined the Saher (Europe) team as an intern in our compliance team.

Patricia is a member of the Philippine Bar, a licensed environmental planner and is level 3 incident command trained. She is experienced in project planning and working with both governmental and non-governmental agencies.


She will work across all departments but mainly with the team headed by Prof Juliet Lodge where she will contribute to all legal and project management aspects of company activity.


Dave Fortune said " I am sure our whole team we will lean from her and I certainly hope she learns from us and finds our work pleasurable, interesting and at times challenging."


NOTIONES Project update


Watch one of the final videos of the International Conference co-organised by Saher and our partners

CORE Project

Artificial intelligence to counter digital disinformation

AI4TRUST is an ambitious collaborative initiative supported by the Horizon Europe Programme. Watch this video to learn how organisations across 11 countries are joining forces to combat disinformation by utilising AI. #AI4TRUST"

Want to improve your counter-terrorism response?

Come help us tackle the terrorist online threat & learn what to do with this six-step guide on the TCO Regulation requirements and further counter-terrorism measures you can (easily) take.

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Our Vision:

To be known globally for our work in our three key workstreams namely: Research, Training and Consultancy by utilising our expertise and knowledge to benefit our customers and clients in the security / safety domains. Honesty, integrity and trust are the foundations our all our activities.

Our Mission:

Saher (Europe) OU is a SME registered in Estonia. We provide a unique range of specialist skills and expertise to our partners, customers, and clients. We work collaboratively to “bridge the gap” between research and reality. In partnership with others that share our values we will tackle crime and improve safety.

Our Values:

We are committed to tackling crime and improving the safety of both security practitioners and communities alike.

We will give honest open advice, always putting the interests of the public and our clients above our own.

We will always keep in mind the need to balance the fundamental rights of citizens and the need to provide innovative solutions to complex problems.

We will be fully accessible to our partners.

We will constantly review and develop our services to meet the needs of others.