About Us

About Us

Taken from the Arabic word for “watchman”, Saher (Europe) is a safety and security research, training and consultancy focused SME based in Estonia operating at a global level. The strategic aim of Saher (Europe) is to develop the intersection between the four key stakeholders in the international security domain: Citizens; Government Intelligence / Law Enforcement Agencies; Industry and Academia. The mission of Saher (Europe) is to provide a collaborative platform for professionals, policy-makers, practitioners and the public to advance and amplify international security innovations.

The strategic objectives of Saher (Europe) are:

To encourage and enhance the development and delivery of innovative technologies, exposing them to the operational realities of policing and security.
To support public bodies and private sector organisations identify and implement innovative security technologies to maximise impact and positive outcomes.
To bridge the gap between security research and operational reality, focussing on new and emerging security threats.
To provide unique opportunities to increase knowledge, resilience, preparedness and stress-test operational capabilities through the design, development and delivery of training and exercising.

Saher (Europe) personnel come from senior policing, academic and commercial backgrounds, thus blending practical strategic and operational policing and security research expertise with the knowledge of public bodies and private sector organisations. Saher (Europe) promotes at the highest level the implementation of innovative solutions in global security domain prioritising areas of cyber security, counter-terrorism, organised crime, border control, civil protection, crisis management, protection of critical infrastructure and aviation security. Complemented by professionally qualified teachers and trainers, with extensive experience of designing and delivering large scale multi-agency training and exercising programmes, Saher (Europe) offer access and insights from an extensive global network of security and Law Enforcement Agency professionals.

Building on over five years of delivering innovative security solutions, the expertise of Saher (Europe) is amplified by the substantial experience of professionally qualified project managers and coordinators, experts in designing and delivering large-scale, multi-agency international security research and innovation projects. The Saher (Europe) approach to delivering security innovations is further augmented by the inclusion of internationally recognised research ethics expertise and substantial security policy and project review and evaluation at national and international level.

Saher has access too the following key attributes:

  •  LEA International Network provides unique access to a substantial global community of LEAs with a rich and diverse range of local, regional, national and international agencies. With existing partners LEAs across the EU and beyond EU borders, the network offers unique dissemination and exploitation opportunities and bespoke insights to capture critical end-user requirements.
  •   Legal & Ethics Team of internationally recognised professionals bring a wealth of expertise to guide and advise complex security and policing research and innovation programmes. With substantial knowledge of developing legal and ethical frameworks for international security research, the team has unique expertise in data protection, privacy and human rights and the ethics of bio-metrics, facial recognition, big-data analytics and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  •   Training Team of professionally qualified teachers and trainers skilled in the design, development and delivery of learning experiences from the expert facilitation of workshops, virtual training and large-scale multi-agency disaster and crisis exercise programmes to stress-test the use of technology and techniques with simulated operational scenarios in challenging environments
  •   Communications Team of professionally qualified public relations and marketing experts with substantial expertise of strategic communication and dissemination functions within the security domain. The Communications Team bring considerable knowledge and experience of developing and delivering online social media communication strategies for security research and innovations.
  •  Security Industry Network provides unique access to a substantial global community of security industry leaders and innovators with a rich range of partners across public and private sectors including technical and engineering companies to government critical infrastructure authorities. The network offers unique opportunities for exploitation of innovations to the security and policing marketplace.