Project TATE overview

TATE Tech Against Terrorism Europe

January 2023 - December 2025

Internal Security Fund ( ISF) Project TATE. Helping small internet hosting providers quickly identify and remove terrorist content from the internet.

All tech companies offering their services in the European Union are now required to take action against terrorist content found on their platforms. Hosting service providers must remove terrorist content within one hour of receiving a removal order.

Tech Against Terrorism Europe will drive greater awareness of the EU’s terrorist content online (TCO) regulation, supporting smaller tech companies in meeting the requirements to counter the terrorist threat.

Supported by the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (UN CTED), the Tech Against Terrorism Europe (TATE) project will support smaller hosting services providers (HSPs) in preventing terrorist actors from disseminating terrorist content as defined in the EU’s terrorist content online (TCO) regulation and in Directive (EU) 2017/541.
Combining unique industry-leading expertise from private sector organisations and leading academic institutions actively engaged in tackling TCO, the consortium of partners will ensure TATE delivers the long-term impacts of large-scale disruption of TCO on priority HSPs, providing a sustainable foundation for practical support mechanisms for smaller HSPs in countering terrorist content online.
The mission of TATE will be achieved by increasing awareness of the TCO Regulation and requirements among small HSPs through the creation of a series of unique interactive learning materials. This will be supported by the introduction of a bespoke TCO capacity-building programme for HSPs, taking priority HSPs through the capacity building programme, scaling existing technical solutions to benefit all smaller HSPs in scope for the TCO regulation
An important element of TATE is the creation of the Stakeholder Network, established to secure the support and engagement of leading organisations and authorities across the TCO operating landscape. The network of partner organisations currently includes a rich and diverse mix of partners including Google, all of whom have an active role and responsibility in deterring, detecting, and removing TCO to prevent harm. The Stakeholder Network provides a trans-national dimension to the project, providing strong evidence of the potential of TATE to develop mutual trust, cross-border cooperation, and collaboration among EU member states and across the world to strengthen EU security.